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I heard J.K. Rowlings did that for her Harry Potter series. Then there are pantsers. Jackie Ivie, author of The Vampire Assassin League and loads of historicals, is a pantser. The pantser writes a scene and figures out what happens next.

Plotter and pantser

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29 Mar 2019 What does it mean to be a pantser? Essentially it means you like to "fly by the seat of your pants" to write a novel. ie: not a plotter or outliner. 17 Sep 2019 When it comes to being a writer, you're usually a “pantser” or a “plotter”. Or you can throw your papers defiantly in the air and refuse both titles  Pantser vs. Plotter.

The world of storytelling can be broken into many categories and sub-categories, but one division is between pantser and plotter.

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Do you explore through action or do you write a character sketch? Maybe there is a deeper question at hand, how do you find  Ch 5: Plotter or Pantser: How to write the book (Part One); Ch 6: Learn to Touch-Type; Ch 7: Author or Writer?

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Plotter and pantser

What is a Pantser? A pantser is someone who, “flies by the seat of their pants,” meaning they don’t plan out anything in their story, or plan very little. If the former, you’re a Plotter; if the latter, you’re a Pantser. Plotters plan novels to the nth degree.

Plotter and pantser

I' m deep in the throes of writing a new book. My first novel The  9 Feb 2019 Pantser. The opposite to a plotter, the pantser sits down and writes, allowing their creativity to take over. There is no plan, the story develops  11 Dec 2017 So, returning to plotter versus pantser, when in planning a story do you choose the themes? For some writers, the themes come very early,  14 Aug 2019 How this pantser became a plotter. I've always been a seat-of-the-pants writer. Someone who enjoys discovering the book as I write it.
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Plotter and pantser

ADVANTAGES. You have focus. As a plotter, you know what to All honest plotters will admit that some of their best ideas have come during pantsing bouts. To be a novelist, you need to be part pantser, part plotter.

ADVANTAGES. You have focus. As a plotter, you know what to All honest plotters will admit that some of their best ideas have come during pantsing bouts.
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The plotter loves books on writing, especially on plotting and creating characters. 2021-02-19 · I am a pantser, yet wish I could be a bit more of a plotter. My first drafts are usually 50,000 or more words. I have a hard time using my long first drafts to write an outline and a synopsis. Any advice on how to do so would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.